The union of Slack and Spreadsheets

May 28, 2019

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Yes, we are marrying Slack and Google Sheets together. Here is the story of this happy marriage.

Slack, the collaboration hub

Slack is the go-to tool for communications and collaboration. It aims at becoming the hub of an organization: teams can discuss there, make decisions, and get work done on their projects. Extra features through Apps can be added to the core features so that more work can be done without ever leaving the Slack workspace.

Spreadsheets, the source of trust

On the other hand, spreadsheets store and organize data into a logical format. They are used as a database, a place where knowledge is centralized, a source of trust. All kinds of business and professionals use spreadsheets for many different tasks, from accounting to project management.

Bringing them together was born in a start-up environmnet that makes extensive use of both Slack and Google Sheets. The core idea is pretty simple: let's combine Slack channels with all the knowledge we store in spreadsheets.

The first version of the product has the following three features:

1. Notifications

Get notifications on your Slack channel when an important spreadsheet is updated. For example, a team may want to be aware of project changes, which they can then discuss.

2. Search

Search existing records on Slack. In the context of a discussion, anyone can search for information, which can be brought back into the discussion.

3. Add

Just add new records within Slack. It is no longer necessary to open a spreadsheet when you just want to quickly add an item.

Towards a happy union

This new union brings promises of increased collaboration around spreadsheets. But this is only the beginning of the story, I have a lot of new features in mind to consolidate this union and transform it into a long relationship.

Try today, and don't hesitate to share your feedback!