Frequently Asked Questions

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What is is a Slack app to connect to Google Sheets documents, also known as spreadsheets. In a Slack channel or in private discussions, users can:

  • search existing records in spreadsheets
  • enter new records
  • get notifications about changes

Slack already has a native integration with Google documents. How is different?

Slack has a native Google Drive app that provides previews for links and notifications about newly shared files and requests for access., on the other hand, works with spreadsheets and offers more advanced features related to their content. You should use both in tandem.

What data is accessed? needs to access spreadsheet data for example for notifications or for the search capabilities. It relies on Google Sheets API v4 with the OAuth 2.0 protocol using only the scope "spreadsheets". can only see or edit the spreadsheets you provide on the service, it cannot see or manage all the other Google Drive files.

Can I share features with my colleagues?

Yes. At least one member of a Slack workspace needs to sign-in as Slack on the website, and then connects their Google Account and configure the spreadsheets to use. Then, anyone can use in the workspace.

Any plan to be compatible with other apps/services?

Yep, why not :) For example, Airtable is considered. Please write me if you have any suggestion!

Is it free?

Yes, at least for the time being.

Who develops this? is created and maintained by Jeremy Greze as a side-project.